I often hear women saying they don’t have time for things; exercise, cooking and activities like painting!   But the physical, mental and financial benefits of missing out on these types of activities make them costly for women to miss out on.  Many moons ago, our male counterparts figured out that sports and other activities were a great way for them to bond with other men.  These events, such as Game Day, golf and more, help them to release stress, have intellectually stimulating conversations, get active and to make business connections.  Because men have been doing this for so many years, their natural networking at these events is almost it’s own art form.  Women have now taken over as a dominant presence in the workforce, while still sharing a huge portion of the household responsibilities of cleaning, cooking, child rearing, taxi driver, psychologist…the list goes on and on.  Many women still feel pressured to ignore time for themselves which can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression.  Some women feel like going out for a Girl’s Night Out or worrying about their emotional health will take time away from their family.  Activities such as dancing, running and of course, painting, help to release endorphins and lower stress.  When women get involved in activities like tennis, paint nights, bunco, there is a noticeable decrease in mental stress and an increase in physical health.  On top of that, activities like paint nights and others, can help women to make those much needed interpersonal connections and improve their financial well being.  At these events they get to have intellectually stimulating conversations with other like minded people, they make connections for play groups, mom’s clubs, other ladies activity clubs.  These women get the chance to sit next to other women and men that teach them about insurance, financial planning, health and more and increase their financial education.  Far too often women are left in the dust on matters of finance and then when something terrible happens such as divorce or death, they are left to unravel the pieces.  Activities that get women out and get them talking also get them educated.

So the next time you hear your girlfriend tell you she just can’t afford to take the time to exercise, to dance….to paint!  Be her friend, and let her know she can’t afford  not to!  Whether you are going out to paint, to dance, to bowl, to have a glass of wine with the girls….get out and do something for you!