Top Five | Starry Night Creations

Top Five | Starry Night Creations

We picked our Favorite Starry Night Creations that capture the essence of the original in the most unique ways. They all have movement, stillness, and make us dream.

“I know nothing with any certainty,

but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

-Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh’s original, The Starry Night, is on display at the Modern Museum of Art in New York City (here). If you haven’t seen it in person, we recommend that you do (just not on Friday nights).


This was is at the top of our list for some very obvious reasons.

Plane Ticket to Cali? Check.
Polka Dot Bikini? Check.
Sprawling California Estate? Check.

Starry Night Pool? Check.

We can imagine our trip now:
Relaxing in the starry night pool, of course. ? Drinking ? gin and juice. Eating fresh fruit, Hawaiian pizza, and hummus. Watching the west coast sunset. And then, a starry night emerges from above.

We are certain this is what Van Gogh was dreaming about.

To see the mural, you need to have an aerial view of the pool. That’s the only reason it came in at #5 on our list.

More info:

 #4 Knock-Knock Starry Night

Knock-Knock? What do you do when you have 1,250 extra door knobs, levers, plates, and other odd material?

You create a one-of-a-kind Starry Night Mural.

The creator, David Goldberg, or “David Van-Gogh Berg”, as he is now known, dreamt up the idea of this mural when he wanted to do something different with the 1,250 extra knobs and material he had for his business. Instead of recycling the material, he decided to up-cycle the material.

We love up-cycled projects and that’s another reasons that this mural made our list, coming in at #4.

To read the story from the Huffington Post, click here.

 #3 Cake by the Stars

This cake decorator Nailed It! It has movement. It has stillness. And we dream of eating it all!

Lets briefly discuss the challenges of cake decorating:

First, you need to act quickly or someone will eat the icing (like us).
Second, if you eat the icing, your mouth will turn blue (probably ours).
Third, you need to have it ready before the food goes bad (or before you eat all the icing).

Those are challenges most other artists don’t have and this is why it made #3 on our list.

AtoZ Cake Gallery: Cake Central.

#2 Starry Night Scientists

This. Blew. Our. Minds.

Created in petri dishes!

By a scientist!

With bacteria and yeast as paint!

Now that’s Genius!

Every year this contest is hosted by the American Society for Microbiology. It encourages scientists to showoff their artistic side. We can’t wait to see what happy little creations they are cooking up for us now. The  2016 contest winners should be announced in late October.

This Starry Night Scientist creation came in at #2 on our  list.

For more info: American Society for Microbiology.
 To read about the 2015 competition: Nerdist.

#1 Fort Myers Under The Stars

From the #5 spot on the west coast in California, to the #1 spot on the west coast in Florida.

We have swaying palm trees, lapping waves, white sand beaches, and seashells.
We have breathtaking sunsets, sailboats, and dolphins.
At night, the lights go out.
It is pitch black. Total darkness.
Only the stars come out.
And the sea turtles nest upon our beaches.

Watch and Be Mesmerized

There is nothing like watching an artist in action. That’s why this creation landed in our number 1 spot.

The coolest part: Turn off the lights, and it glows!

Disclaim our number one spot was create by one of our own artist/instructors.

For more info about the artist, Carly: click here.
Want to check it out in person at Masterpiece Mixers Fort Myers: click here.

Now we got wind of the is claim to fame at Masterpiece Mixers Georgia Studios.  We believe we may have found a Starry Night that might steal the #1 spot….Stay tuned….